Thumbnail view of the LunaOcean ocean weather app, built in part by the author

LunaOcean Data Platform

Core member of a small team building the LunaOcean ocean weather app, built with TypeScript, Next.js, and a serverless backend leveraging AWS Lambda and MongoDB. This project represents the bulk of my professional software engineering work over the last 2-3 years.

TypeScriptNext.jsMapboxGL JSAWSMongoDBPython
Thumbnail view of the author's dev portfolio landing page

Dev Portfolio

This website, built with TypeScript and Next.js. A place where I can try new things and share projects I've worked on. It includes a blog page leveraging MDX, though this component isn't live yet.

Thumbnail view of a GitHub repo statistics project page

GitHub Repo Statistics

An experimental Next.js project built to explore the GitHub GraphQL API. Repositories can be compared based on development effort metrics and commits over time. User accounts backed by a MongoDB database are in the works, and will allow curated user-specific repo lists.

Next.jsGraphQLApollo ClientMongoDBOAuth
Thumbnail view of a coaching business page built for a client

Freelance Work

I occasionally take on freelance projects. The linked page is a recent Next.js project built for an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field. All the site's content is served from a Prismic CMS and managed by the client.