Thumbnail view of the LunaOcean ocean weather app, built in part by the author

LunaOcean Data Platform

Core member of a small team building the LunaOcean ocean weather app, built with TypeScript, Next.js, and a serverless backend leveraging AWS Lambda and MongoDB. This project represents the bulk of my professional software engineering work over the last 2-3 years.

TypeScriptNext.jsMapboxGL JSAWSMongoDBPython
Thumbnail view of a GitHub repo statistics project page

Repo Metrics

A Next.js project for comparing GitHub repositories by interest and development effort metrics. Authenticated users can curate a custom list of repos, persisted in a MongoDB database. All asynchronous state is managed with useSWR.

Next.jsTypeScriptSWRMongoDBNext-AuthChart.jsTailwind CSS
Thumbnail view of the author's dev portfolio landing page

Dev Portfolio

My personal landing page and portfolio site, built with TypeScript and Next.js. A place where I can try new things and share projects I've worked on. It includes a blog page leveraging MDX, though this component isn't live yet.

Thumbnail view of a coaching business page built for a client

Freelance Work

I occasionally take on freelance projects. The linked page is a recent Next.js project built for an entrepreneur in the health and wellness field. All the site's content is served from a Prismic CMS and managed by the client.